I went to the PUMPHOUSE in Darling Harbour for a quick beer on my way to the hotel I was staying at and had a FRENCHIES COMET PALE ALE AMERICAN PALE ALE .This place is a bit of a disappointment for me. I have thought for several years now that it doesn’t make much use of opportunities available to it. Perhaps a wider choice of beer styles, I would have liked to seen a An English Bitter, a Brown or possibly a Wheat There is no choice in glass size either, it is schooner or nothing so there is no way I would have more than one beer especially if it is early afternoon and have other places to be afterwards,

The PYRMONT BRIDGE HOTEL is a different proposition entirely, firstly the have middies and they also have a few craft beers at a better price. I had a middy of MALT SHOVEL TERMINATOR, quite a nice beer. I then moved off to check into the place I was staying for the night, which turned out to be directly above PEG LEG Bar. So after booking having a shower and a Grandad nap I ducked in for a couple of middies of their beers on tap, actually I think it was two half pints   DOS BLOCKOS PALE LAGER and EDGE BREWING CEREAL KILLER AMERICAN AMBER LAGER

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