As a small diversion from my ORANGE PUB BLOG I thought I would cover this, I have never had this beer but it seems like a good opportunity to write something.

WILDE GLUTEN FREE PALE ALE:  Notes from a Guest Contributor, “Light texture, almost floral aromas with a hint of sweetness to finish on the palate.
Simple light beer, refreshing even. Perfect for a balcony drink with mates, and one I’ll definitely have again. 4.5% abv bottles by Koala Beer in Newcastle NSW.

This particular venue is in Montville QLD, also has house brews, a place we will take you when you’re up visiting next.”

The other beers as yet untried as far as I know are : GLUTEN FREE RASPBERRY ALE : WILDE Gluten Free Raspberry Ale contains fresh raspberries giving a delightful pink hue, raspberry aroma and fruity balance to the bitterness of the varietal hops.                          And  GLUTEN FREE PALEO ALE : WILDE Gluten Free Paleo Ale is planned for 2017 to contain ancient grains, fruits and herbs which will complement the healthy paleo lifestyle. Just 2% alcohol.

The Wilde site says that alternative grains to barley are used but doesn’t say what.

Images are from the Wilde site ,

Gluten Free Raspberry AleGluten Free Paleo AleGluten Free Pale Ale

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