I took a bit of a drive to ORANGE  last Saturday and went on a bit of a pub crawl.

I am thinking of taking this blog back to basics a bit because I am finding that my posts are not really achieving what I want them to do anymore. Six years or so ago I started visiting pubs in the Central West of NSW and then writing some thoughts on my visits but over time the blog moved off in different directions. Not only that, there are far more people commenting on beer and the craft beer industry then there where when my first post was made.Twitter and Instgram and the other socila media have also played a big role in changing th direction of things.

So  Our first stop was at the BADLANDS BREWERY. This place was by far busier on last Saturday Lunchtime  than it has ever been for my three or four previous visits, maybe being the last weekend of the Easter school holidays had something to do with it,   We had the “BREWBACCA KOLSCH” the “IPA” and a mystery beer that nobody could provide any information about at first called the “AL“, This turned out to be a mid strenght 3.2% beer with AL being the mid two letters of PALE ALE, The KOLSCH being my preferred beer of tge three.

From BADLANDS we started the pub visits at the HOTEL ORANGE, which is quite a nice pub which looks like it has been recently done up. It was totally empty when we got there. As far as I could tell there is no Bistro here and no craft beer on tap, just the usual standards.A ote here, the light in the men’s toilet appears to be on a timer so if you don’t keep moving you will end up in the dark. I just looked at the Hotel Orange site and it appears as though there is a restaurant on the first floor as well as a cocktail bar 

I didn’t take pictures of all the pubs in town and I wont be mentioning the main stream beers we had other than to say if there where no craft beers we usually drink Tooheys Old. I seem to have left me with a few reasons to go back sometime and flesh out the details

IPA                    KOLSCH                         AL



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