Another very warm day, battled the lack of street signs to both Newstead and Green Beacon breweries, I w as under the impression that one of the other that , according to the internet, did breakfast, Newstead was open and doing coffee and Green Beacon was not open till midday. I therefore wander off to a nearby cafe had an egg and bacon with baked beans breakfast to set me up for the brewery visits, and to replace lost calorie s caused by heat and walking. 

I am Going to GREEN BEACON first :-

KOLSCH 4.6% CROSS KNOT A god beer to start off on a hot day, has a touch dry, a light beer 

MAINSTAY AMBER 4.7% This a quite nice beer, possibly more an English style ale

3 BOLT PALE 4.5% A nice beer noticeable hops but not aggressively so. More restrained/refined than the Windjammer IPA to my mind

Finishing my visit here with another MAINSTAY AMBER 

Wrap up for BEACON BREWERYis that it is very beer enthusiast freindly place, I was introduced to the beer list by one member of the bar staff who followed through with my whole visit experience describing and discussing the beers. I also chatted with the brewer. A very pleasant hour and a half

A taste of 7 Bells Gose 3.5%, Half Mast India Session Ale,,3.8%. Saison Du Belise, 5.4% ,Barrel Aged Old Ale 9.5%

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