After CLOUDLANDS next door I have arrived at the WOOLY MAMOUTH an ale house in Fortitude Valley. It has 30 craft beers on tap. 
I have started with CAVALIER BROWN ALE 5 % nice beer with a fair amount of malts balancing the hops. It did get a bit thin after awhile though still kept its flavour

NOISY MINOR SAISON WHEAT FARMHOUSE 5.2% light and a bit fizzy has the aroma of a wheat and doe of the tastes associated. 

Now let’s try the WOLF OF THE WILLOWS INDIA SAISON 5.2% 

Ok this is a nice beer and you can tell what the “India” in the name means but I can’t help wondering how it would be without the india

Had a decent Reuben’s which came on a pretty substantial rye roll 

Had a taste of The Wolf Of the Wilows Acidilus sour 5.1% 

A taste of the Mornington orarange wheat, a very light beer which develops a hint of sour orcitrus towards the end.not big nose

My last  beer here will be a WOLF OF THE WILOWS ACIDILUS SOUR 5.1% and it certainly starts off sour, lemony , not a lot of nose, no head 

A nice place and good staff who are prepared to chat about the beers, it is probably very popular with the younger set later on however I was there right on opening. To early for the night revellers


 THIS IS THE HOTTEL I have been looking for all day and found out that I was walking in the wrong direction. It is supposed to be an example of art deco. It is certainly ornate, a pity about all the television screens because with all the mirrors from where I am sitting there appears to be twenty three of them The beer i am having is BULIMBA PALE ALE BULIMBA PALE . Don’t know anything about this beer or the brewery


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