It’s always fun having to rewrite theses blogs over. I had ploughed my way through it and posted it forgetting that my mobile wifi thing wasn,tbswitched on, you would have thought it would have been saved to drafts but oh! No that would be too sensible so I am going to tru and recap knowing full well that it wont be the same.

I went back to ZEPICKLEfor the second time. It is supposed to have the best craft beer selection, at east within walking distance from were I am staying. It probably does with a beer list of eight or nine beers on tap, this time one from Qld, the rest from NSW.

I had three beers mainly because the beers glasses where 500mls which is ridiculous bit you are wanting to try most if Nat all on the list. There was no darks, stouts or saison on tap and  ZEPICKLE has no bottled beer available.


GREENBEACON WAYFARER USA an American Style PALE WHEAT ALE 4.9%   The only beer from QLD is ear the location I will be staying for the next couple of days do I will add to my list of places to visit 

As a comparison to the I trie the  WAYWARD BREWING. BAVARIN WHITE LAGER  4.9% 

As I lost my original copy of this I have had to work from memory as I was writing the blog as I went a long and as such was not taking notes, therefore there might be a few inaccuracies in it.

Taking all in all the Pickle is a nice place for a visit, it was not very busy tonight, maybe because it is a Wednesday.

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