Visited the BLACK HOPS BREWERY yesterday and had a very interesting time. This is a very small brewery, the smallest on the Gold Coast. We where able to have a long and informative session with the head brewer while going through the beer options. From what was explained to us, that because of the small size and output, Black Hops is able to be a bit more adventurous with its beers.

We had, in order as the beer appears on their beer list. Beach House Ale 4.9%. 30 Cal, Californian Lager 3%, Bitter Fun, Hoppy Ale 5%, EggNog Stout 5.3% and the seasonal beer, the Hornet India Pale 6%. My top three, in order where the Beach House, the Eggnog, and the Hornet though there was not a lot between them. 

From what we where told , Black Hops gets inviolved with their drinking public who could get the opportunity to get some hands on experience. They are in the process of getting an online shop, and a members club. 

All in all of the three breweries visited in this area, this is by far the best in my opinion. As I am travelling and am having the usual travellers wi-fi connection issues, I haven’t looked at Black Hops site yet. 


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