Apart from the last two posts, I have been away from my blog for a couple of months, I can think of plenty of excuses and only a couple of valid reasons, one reason was a problem with my lap top and another was lack of motivation. Perhaps a level of disillusionment in the craft beer scene. No worries, I will try to get back into it. I am on my way to visit son and one third heir in Qld and hope to get some blogs out.

 To carry on from the earlier post today am a bit underwhelmed by Kempsey. I booked into the Kempsey Hotel because the internet said they had beer from the local brewery on tap.what I didn’t know when booking was that this hotel had ceased to operate as a pub a month earlier, it may be still an ok hotel but that is not the same thing, I could have done better at a motel if all I wanted was a room. It seems as thought the previous owner pulled the pokies out and distributed them around other pubs which left the place uncommercial. 

I have already mentioned the Great Northern and have nothing more to add. However the Top zpub teold me that they did have Bucket Brewery Beer in tap but it didn’t sell so the cut it off though they still gave the bottles in their bottle shop.Which I did as I was leaving and found that there was no stock ofBucket Brewery available.Here is. Picture of my chickenparma which was not bad for $12.50

I found the Railway Hotel which like theKempsey is nolonger a pub but is still a Hotel  and also a bottle shop according to the sign. That’s two out of four I Kempsey closed down that I know about. Next trip up this way I will Havel. To find somewhere else to stay. If things go to plan I am going to stop at Port McQuarie on the way back

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