I picked up three STOCKADE BREWERY beers today from LEURA CELLARS. The first one I tried was MYSTERIOUS IIPA a 9% beer. This seemed to me to be a very complex beer. I didn’t get a great aroma from it but I think that is because I a recent dose of the flue has broken my sense of smell somewhat. I did get a bit of fruitiness though. It is a reddish brown colour with some head, a sweet almost fruity malt hit at the start, candy like and a little spicy (citrusy). The further into this beer I went it seemed to become chewy, and developed a jammy marmalade pudding taste, orange perhaps. It finished with a hoppy dry bitter taste, which nicely , didn’t go on forever. I found this a better IIPA than most and one to try again. My other beer for the evening was one of my own home brew beers. Indouble canned a COOPERS ENGLISH BITTERS, which came in around 7.6% and to my mind it is more like an ESB. if I do say do myself it is a nice malty beer with the bitters only being noticeable at the end of the drink. As far as I can tell STOCKADE doesn’t have a twitter account. 

@leuracellars @stockadebrewery

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