“FIXATION IPA 6,4%” Quite a citrusy nose when the bottle was opened, a mid range honey colour, slight head. Pretty big herbaceous flavour and a dry finish with the bitters picking up as the level in the glass drops. While not being a big fan of hoppy beers I find that this one is somewhat restrained as far as hops go making it a pleasant beer, a borderline session beer  Apparently the brewery is in Byron Bay but the internet site doesn’t give out much more information.    “SO WE SET FIXATION BREWING CO. UP TO BE FIXATED ON ONE THING, MAKING THE BEST IPA’S POSSIBLE. IT’S BACKED BY PEOPLE WHO KNOW BEER AND FRONTED BY A MAN WHO HAS A FANATICAL OBSESSION WITH THE STYLE. WE HAD AN INKLING THAT THERE WAS ROOM IN THE AUSTRALIAN BEER LANDSCAPE FOR A BEER BUSINESS THAT IS PURELY FOCUSED ON WELL MADE, FRESH AMERICAN STYLE IPA, AND TOM DELMONT IS THE PASSIONATE IPA ENTHUSIAST TO DELIVER IT TO THE IPA FANATICS OF AUSTRALIA”.

“MIGHTY XP OLD WORLD IPA 6%”  OLD WORTHY BREWING CO. UK, Not the biggest aroma, has  caramel malty flavour, little bit of hoppy bitterness twang but not the the everlasting metallic taste I associate with American IPS’s. I would peg this as a very nice and easy to drink IPA . This particular beer wasn’t mentioned on the brewery site.

BALL & CHAIN “SMOKED DUBBEL BOCK-ISH 7.1% – DE MOLEN NETHERLANDS/SOUND BREWERY, USA COLLABORATION. Smokey, hint of bacon a little sweet though does have a tang of sourness behind the sweetness,. malts,  a full mouth-feel (as opposed to thin and watery) though not cloying and syrupy. Maybe go out on a limb here and suggest a taste of mussels or oysters. A nice and interesting, complex beer. While an aroma of smoke s noticeable I  couldn’t pick out many more notes.  While the De Molen Brewery is one of my favorite breweries I don’t know anything about the Sound Brewery. I leave it up to you to decide what dubbel bock-ish actually means.

These three beers came from Leura Cellars

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P1020002 P1020004 P1020007

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