A couple of beers at the STATION BAR. a  MACK DADDY DARK ALE % MOON DOG BREWERY which didn’t   have much of a nose going for it and I found it a bit dry and bitter. So I switched to BADLANDS MALEKULA DARK 4.9% PORTER  which did have a nice aroma and had a creaminess to it, all in all a good beer and one which I have had a few times before.

I came across a couple of Canadian beers in Dan Murphy’s, Canadian beers not being a beer I see very often and they were pretty cheap I thought, give them a go. This was MOLSON’S CANADIAN   5%  pale lager  brewed by Molson, the Canadian division of Molson Coors Brewing Company. I would say it was almost a European style lager with a fair amount of hops and perhaps wasn’t the most memorable of beers. I also picked up a couple of BELHAVEN TWISTED THISTLE IPA 6.1% Thought this beer is called an American IPA and it does have a noticeable level of hops I find more of an UK style IPA and much more drinkable than most A.I.P.A’s.  ( see earlier post) Tonight I had a HOPFIX INDIA PALE ALE 6.5% ,from BEERHERE. A very pretty coloured beer which poured with quite a nice head which lasted a while – some sediment  – Good hops which are not overpowering and with balanced malts and had just enough bitterness. I would suggest this is also more like an English style IPA. I think this beer is very drinkable and worth getting again I picked this beer up  @LEURA CELLARS. I was under the impression that “BEERHERE” Brewery was from Denmark but have recently been told that the beer is brewed in Belgium,

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