BITTER PHEW to the Local Taphouse is well worth the wander, Came across a very nice beer from BREWERITJ DE HOORN an ARTHURS LEGACY #1 WHITE WIDOW WITBIER;7.1% creamy with a hint of sourness, Also a SOUTHERN BAY HOP BAZOOKA IPA 5.6%:; A TWO BIRDS OATMEAL STOUT 5.2%, Black, I thought that maybe it was a touch thin with a hesitant back taste, by that I mean I wasn’t sure whether I was left with a final taste sensation or not. CAPITOL BREWING EVIL EYE RED IPA: NOGNE O IMPERIAL STOUT 9% VICTORY BREWING HOP RANCH IMPERIAL DOUBLE IPA 9%. The Nogne O very nice, the Victory less hoppy than I would have though which I found a plus and the White Widow also excellent.

From Bitter Phew we crossed the road and stopped off at a bar called BIG POPPA’S a relatively new bar on the old site of “Hello Sailor”  which I had read had been something of a rum bar. Anyway, as we where there we dropped in and my daughter had a Negroni cocktail then a glass of red wine and I ad a couple of half nips of rum and a tequila. The first and I thought the better of the three was a PLANTATION GRAN ANEJO, a blend fro Guatemala and Belize. The next was a HAVANA CLUB ANEJO 8 Y.O. at least I was told it was an 8 but Plantation’s site called it 7 so I suppose 7 it was. the final rum was an ANGOSTURA RUM from Trinidad and Tobago, All good drops but the Plantation had a much better aroma and taste to my way of thinking.

The Tequila was TAPATIO ANEJO 3 Y.O. Supposedly a top shelf drink and I am sure it is but I didn’t think it fitted in with the rums on the night.

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P1010779 P1010780


P1010784 P1010786 P1010788

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