Back in the hte old haunt to see what was on offer.

First beer was a YOUNG HENRY’S DR. ROT FIFER a lager , Vienna Amber at 5.3%,  some nice malts with hop bitters, A pretty heavy tasting beer .  SHENANIGANS BREWING WINSTON PALE ALE 5.6% A lighter beer than the more fruity floral hop aroma, a lighter beer with something of a dry finish.  MERCHANTS BREWING SMOOTH SAILOR PORTER. Very muddy to look at with no carbonation, not much outset aroma, though once it warmed up some chocolates where noticeable, a little smooth and became a touch tangy or sour as the level in the glass dropped. Looked more like a hot chocolate or a coffee with a teaspoon of milk in it rather than a beer. While I didn’t think the there was anything wrong with the  beer, quite obviously others did because a couple of glasses has been handed back over the bar for a swap to something else.

@younghenrys @MerchantBrewing @ShenanigansBrew


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  1. Trevor says:

    Hmm your editing skills are atrocious.

    • moreray01 says:

      It is a relief to know somebody at least is reading this blog, if only to criticise the editing
      When I might have expected a possible alternative view on the content

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