APPELTON ESTATE JAMAICAN RUM  (Cant find an identical rum on the internet)

Carrying on from yesterdays post I am having another glass of rum as comparison to  the Bacardi.

I have a small amount of APPLETON ESTATE JAMAICA RUM (40%) left in a bottle bought a long while ago. This rum has more of an alcohol hit than the Bacardi yesterday, a bit of a sting in the center of the chest, and has a fuller and deeper aroma, less sweet or spicy. It delivers some mouth numbing sensation. So all in all I think I think it slightly more preferable for my taste. Start to pick up a light vanilla aroma at the finish.

The rum I have is not described on the Appelton Estate site, nor can I find a similar example on any other site including Dan Murphy’s which is where I got it from in the frst place, making me wonder if the two I have so far tried have been made particularly for certain retail outlets.

I am going to try and be a more careful with my rum purchases in the future and make sure I get an identifiable product. Can I be forgiven for wondering why the distillers/distributers are not prepared to provide information on their product?.

@danmurphys  @AppletonRumUK @BACARDI


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