I Bought a six pack of BELHAVEN SCOTTISH ALE  5% from Dan Murphy.s pretty cheaply at $20.00 a six pack. I found this a very nice beer which fitted in with my preferred beer style,. On taking the cap off the bottle I got a big and full aroma.It poured with a rich copper colour and started off with a nice big head thought the head did disappear quickly. It had a creamy malty taste, slightly bitter and a dry after taste thought I didn’t think it was over hoppy. I found it developed a hint of vanilla and the the flavours deepen as it warmed up.

From Belhavens site:- 100% Scottish malt and finest English hops in perfect balance. Smooth, rich and nutty a classically crafted Scottish Ale. The ale we’ve been brewing longest of all, and our best-selling bottled ale worldwide

I came across a Belhaven, on tap, quite a few years ago in a Perth pub. A couple of years later I was in Scotland and I asked about the  beers from this brewery and was told, on more than one occasion, that there was no such brewery in Scotland.

I cant find a Twitter account for this brewery so I will try Facebook  @danmurphys

P1010736 P1010739

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  2. Peter says:

    Its brewed in Bury St Edmunds at Green King. They have a huge range of beers under Belhaven.

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