Went into the city the other day as it may have been a last chance to try “BELLS” POP UP CHOOK STAND before it closed.and my daughter was very keen to try this place. As far as I  can gather it is an off shoot of a place in the Melbourne casino. It specialises in what I gather is American style fried chicken, was very tasty and made a change from the usual pub snitty lunch. Fortunately the line up was not all that long when we where there and as it was a pretty cold day we didn’t have to bother with their wanky ” no thongs ” dress code I was warned about even though this joint is on the harbour.

Next door was another Pop Up a place called G & IT a gin bar, so my daughter was able tomget a sneaky gin in. She had a German Gin, who knew the Germans made gin called Monkey 47, it seems as though they make  few gins and I dont know which one it was but apparently it was not pad.

Had a couple of pre-lunch beers at the Kings Wharf branch of BEER DeLUXE . As it was the start of a possible long day we had, in middies, WAYWARD BREWING;FURIOUS GNOME an English Bitter 6% Bitter and a bit of fizz ;-FRENCHIES BLANCHE, WITBEER 4,8%  some pineapple and plenty of fizz.  I dont know anything bout this brewery or its beer,. It looks as though it specialises in french beers  so it looks like it is a brewery to keep an eye on, RIVERSIDE BREWING HARVESTER SOUR Easy to drink almost like a cordial ; FOX HAT BREWING METRIC IPA(WEST COAST STYLE) 7%  HARGREAVES HILL ESB,  5.2% always a good thing an E.S.B.

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