BIÈRE BALADIN:- ISAAC  BIÈRE BLANCHE 5%. Certainly a big perfumed aroma on opening the bottle  and also from the beer in the glass almost like a young ladies scent. Probably a fruit but I don’t know which one melons gooseberries table grapes maybe. Another internet site that seems a bit too clever for its own good. It is almost as though you need a one day course on navigating the site to get even the basic information. (Brewery notes in italics)  First sip had a light Belgian wheat taste . Pale cloudy perhaps even a little soapy and a tiny bit of sediment. Quite a nice little drinkable beer.  Brewery notes “The creamy head, the intentionally cloudy, apricot colour and the scent of yeast and citrus, which blend into spicy harmonies of coriander and peeled oranges, call you from the glass. Refreshing to the palate, it has a light body and is very easy to drink.”

OPEN ROCK AND ROLL ALE 7.5% A vey nice American Pale Ale I didn’t pick up a strong nose. There are some very good malts which is not overwhelmed by the hops and just a hint of bitters . Water, barley malt, mainly American hops, yeast and pepper for an unmistakably Rock ‘n’ Roll character.

SUPER BITTER; AMBER ALE 8% A good big malty hit not overly hopped nor particularly bitter. I think tis is a nicely balanced and repeatable beer   “Super Bitter” it undoubtedly follows the current trend of bitter beers, but without taking it too far! Super Bitter has sure plenty of hoppy scents – given by the generous use of a particular type of American hops called “Amarillo” – but it remains true to its Baladin identity and strikes  a perfect balance with notes of caramel, dried fruit (just a hint) and the bitterness of the hops.”


BIRRA dell’ EREMO :- TERRA; OATMEAL STOUT 5.2% A nice beer, didn’t have a lot of head , nor the biggest aroma, a dry taste, not as creamy a mouthfeeel as I have come across in other oatmeal stouts. Something of a lingering aftertaste.  Also an  awkward site to get around and that is after it is translated   “Terra is a oatmeal stout beer characterised by dark brown colour with persistent and fine beige head. This beer has a complex aroma with coffee, liquorice, chocolate and hazelnut gentle notes. The dominant flavour is malt with soft notes of chocolate, liquorice and coffee, according to this traditional English beer style. Its silky body gives to terra sinuous elegance.”

@BirraBaladin @BirradellEremo

P1010693 P1010696 P1010697 P1010698 P1010699

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