I attended a Gin Tasting Night held at the Leura Cellars on the weekend.

There where six gins on offer:#1 AVIATION GIN; #2 PORTOBELLO ROAD LONDON DRY GIN and four from the FOUR PILLARS Distillery of Healsville Victoria and here is where I have my first problem. While I took a brochure about these last four gins , it didn’t list the gins as I had expected so we are left with my notes. #3 FOUR PILLARS RARE DRY; #4 FOUR PILLARS NAVY STRENGTH; #5 FOUR PILLARS SPICED NEGRONI;   #6 FOUR PILLARS BLOODY SHIRAZ

It has been a very long time since I have tried gin and I hadn’t considered it as a “sipping drink” . I have to be honest here and say that gin is not my drink, and while an interesting evening I don’t think it will induce me into becoming a gin drinker. Probably just as well really because it turns out that I appear to be allergic to it .

So; BRING ON THE RUM TASTING NIGHT,  and I will put my name down for two sessions and hope I am not allergic to that..

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P1010683 P1010686 P1010687

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