My daughter and I went to the Bjork exhibition being held at the Carriage Works in Sydney just before the weekend.While there wasn.t any beer being served it was a very interesting show. The first time I have rel y seen anything virtual reality and 3D and it was well worth the trip. While there was no beer at the show there where several pubs near by that either I had never been to. at least not recently.

Before the show we went to the Royal Hotel for lunch, It was pretty bus as it is just across the road from the uni and so full of luncher’s but it emptied pretty quickly at 2 o.clock. Had a couple of James Squires , first a Chancer and a Hop thief then a Summer Ale and a Brewers 2050

After the show we moved on to Glengarry Castle Hotel a nice little pub. Had a Thomas Coopers Selection Aged Sparkling Ale 5.8% which was one of the strangest looking beers I have had in a while, it was the end of the keg which is possible why this beer looked like a flat white coffee. I thought that it might be like a Guinness or a Killkenny  which takes a long time to settle and clear but this beer never cleared and looked the same right up until the glass was empty, Just to be sure I had another one which was almost the same thought  did clear a minute amount. A short walk brings you to the Everleigh Hotel, perhaps a it more of a trendy’s pub and I seem to recall that the beer was more expensive. A bit of a longer walk and you get to the Lord Gladstone Hotel, which for some reason is one of my daughters favourite pubs. Here  we had a meal with a few beers before catching the train home. The Gladstone was pretty crowded by the time we got there with a pretty lively atmosphere. In no particular order a few other beers between us. A white Rabbit Dark, a Dog Bolter and a couple more Coopers and James Squire’s. I seem to  recall having a stout somewhere but I didn’t make a note of where

I had a good day with the show and the four pubs worth a visit, the meals being OK in both of the ones we ate. All the pubs had a beer other than the most main stream to offer I wouldn’t say that any of them where totally committed to craft beer.

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Coopers Selection Aged Sparkling Ale + Another


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