I got along to the Saturday afternoon session of GABS 2016 held at the Technology Park at Redfern. It was as busy as you would expect but I don’t think it was filled to total capacity. Maybe the numbers had been held down in order to make it run more smoothly. Whatever the reason I didn’t have anywhere near the trouble getting to the beer stands as I had last year. Though I would have to say that I don’t think it had quite the vibe of previous ones. The cash card system seemed to work well. The price of a tasting paddle of 5 started out at $10 for the first half hour but then went up to $11 which I thought was silly ,in part because it caused an uneven amount left on the card if you put round numbers o it  As  always it turned out to be a fairly expensive day.

THE BEERS :- There is no way I could list all the tastes in one post so I will stick to generalisation. I found it hard to pick a stand out in the beers I had. I was glad to see that saisons, biere de garde’s and sours got a good run,.. I tried a couple of what might be termed s the joke beers. I didn’t have a beer that was to far over hopped though I did stay away from the ones I thought might be.

MY HIGHLIGHTS  – I enjoyed the Mountain Goat barley-wine, which was a very young one and which Mountain Goat told me would get even better over time. Was  able to have a good chat with the people at the M.G stand   I also, had a discussion with the big jolly man at the mead stand (Stone Dog ??) and found out a fair bit I didn’t know as I hadn’t really considered mead as an option, a bit like cider, I just don’t think about it though maybe I should.    I found the Feral stand well laid out and interesting. A short list in no particular order, Mismatch, Negoni: La Sirene,Biere Henri: Brewdog B Side, Sour Red Ale; Cheeky Monkey Son of Kong Dunkelweizen; Hawthorn  brewing, Midnight in Bombay Dunkelweizen; Badlands Smoking Ruby: Holgate De Count Saison

CONCLUSION Maybe next time I will spend more time at te brewery stands and a little less on the tasting paddles as I enjoy talking to the exhibitors.


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