Back in the Station Bar Katoomba yesterday afternoon. Started off with a Feral Hop Hog, wasn’t exactly the beer I thought I ad asked for but it was not a bad drop given the name suggested that it might ave been more hop heavy than I actually found it    so I had another. I then had a RED HILL Queen Of Scots Barleywine 10%. I wouldn’t consider myself as a barleywine specialist and am not all that sure where a big stout. old ale or a big Belgian leaves off and a barleywine  starts so I wouldn’t say my judgement necessarily coincides with many others. I found this beer sweet with a big flavour of alcohol soaked Christmas time fruits such as those found in mince pies, Christmas puddings and cakes. I thought that the beer was at a much too cold temperature for all the characteristics to come through at the start as it didn’t have the big aroma I expected given the taste. Also, I didn’t detect any hop bitterness.The aroma started to build up as the beer came to an end. I liked this beer and as I was driving and given the ABV I wasn’t able to try another one so I hope it is still on tap next time I am in the Station Bar. The beers my compadre had where the Young Henry’s Newtowner 4.8% Australian Pale Ale  and Brew Cult Thanks Captain Obvious 5.8% American IPA

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