Dropped in to the Akasha Brewery the other day. This was the first time I have been able to get to it. We where there pretty early as is usual for me and so we had the place pretty much to ourselves for a while. So where able to chat with the staff about the beers and brewery. Didnt see the main man as he was down in Melbourne at the beer do down there.

We had a taste of all the beers on offer,. as I was driving I had to keep to the tasting paddle The beers were :- Water Buffalo 6.6% Brown Ale – American style   Both hoppy and bitter. Tradewinds 4.4% A Hoppy Lager  a bit fruity    Freshwater Pale 5.2% Not so A hoppy one hoppy at first but built as the level went down I  thought. Fire within Amber 5.8%  Korben D Double/Imperial .I.P.A 8.5% This started off reasonably hoppy which also built up as you got through the it.

That these beers where all hoppy to some degree is not surprising as the Akasha Brewery is a self confessed brewery for the hop-head. While expecting hops verging on the hard to handle I felt that drinking these beers at the source is a lot less overwhelming than I might have expected. While the Water Buffalo was closer to my preferred style all the beers wher pretty good

“Fire Within is characterised by a rich copper colour and caramel sweetness, balanced with the floral and citrus flavours from a healthy dose of classic American hops. The result is a rich smooth brew…… Freshwater is an American style pale ale, brewed using our favourite American hop, Cascade. The Freshwater is well balanced between the sweet biscuity malt and the thirst quenching hop flavour and crispy clean finish……, the Tradewind is a hoppy twist on a classic pale lager. Brewed using a clean German lager yeast and seamlessly paired with the passionfruit and citrus flavours of Australian Galaxy hops,…..No information on the Water Buffalo or the Korben D on their site.”


P1010634 P1010635 P1010637 P1010638

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