Had a couple of Swedish beers while the show was on. I wasn’t easy to find beers from Sweden and this is the best I could do locally.

PISTONHEAD FLAT TYRE LAGER 4.5%;  A very easy to drink with a nice fruity nose and a light zingy taste with a hint of dryness toward the finish. Not over hopped and restrained malts.  From the brewery site:- Pistonhead Flat Tire has a balanced and rich malt body and a slightly marked bitterness. The American hop variety Centennial and Mosaic gives the brew a fresh hop floral aroma with hints of tropical fruit and citrus.
This beer stands out with its straw yellow color, aromatic and balanced bitterness and its extremely thirst-quenching property. A lager that pours smoothly without an over-inflated head’

PISTONHEAD KUSTOM LAGER 4.6%; A bigger flavoured more malty lager than the previous one. Another nice beer with a deeper aroma and more body malts to balance the hops, and I thought that this beer had a little bit of vanilla and end ed with a slightly creamy mouth feel. There wasn’t anything about this one on the site.

PISTONHEAD FULL AMBER 6% ; This is a nice big full bodied beer. A dark brown with a big aroma, smells like a real beer, plenty of malts. Nothing about this one either

OMNIPOLLO BACHANALE 6%: A big aroma on opening the bottle solid earthy taste dry and a little sour and tarty  taste very cloudy and muddy. All I could get from their site. “Bacchanale is a sparkling farmhouse ale brewed with Saaz, Galaxy and brett.”

The Bachnale was a very good beer though I don’t know how many I could drink in a session, so I would suggest the Full Brown was the choice of the four on the night

And as a postscript, I wanted the long legged girl in the swimsuit to win the contest.

@BrutalBrewing @omnipollobeer

P1010628                                                                 P1010630 P1010631 P1010632 P101063313226900_1133542353372660_2600698308665794197_n

Iveta Mukuchyan From her face book page


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