A QUICK VISIT TO THE STATION BAR  YESTERDAY and had a very nice “hand pumped”  5 BARREL BREWING E.S.B 4.9% Strong Bitter then a FERAL BREWING SMOKED BEER PORTER, the temptation was great so I went back to the  E.S.B.  While my drinking partner had stuck to a 4 PINES PALE ALE . Though I had heard of it I didn’t know anything about 5 Barrels a relatively new brewery in Wollongong. This, in part what the brewery says about the E.S.B :- English bitters typically fall into three varieties: Mild, Bitter and Extra Special Bitter or ESB. They all share the same affinity for malt and hops, but vary in strength and flavour. We love English style beers and thought we’d better develop a beer good enough to be served from a genuine hand pump.We don’t use conventional hop varieties for our ESB, but we reckon they play an awesome part in creating a malt forward style ale with a rounded hop flavour. Marmalade, orange and spice balanced wonderfully with a sweet toffee malt base. Best served at cellar temperature (12C) to get the most out of the English yeast we use. There are three other core beers, two seasonal and a special edition. I couldn’t copy the smoked porter notes from the Feral site

@FiveBarrels @FiveBarrels @4PinesBeer

P1010612 P1010613 P1010614

5 BARRELS ESB                        4 PINES PALE ALE             FERAL SMOKED PORTER


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