LA SIRENE FLORETTE 4% WITBIER A nice refreshing easy drinking either not a big nose or it loses it quickly. A little tart (Lemon) Develops a touch of sour at the end

MOTOR MOUTH IPA 5.5% Some malts that cuts through the hops .This beer will probably  be a hit with the hop-heads. While perhaps easier to drink than a lot of IPA’s, as a non-hop head it is not what I would call a sessions beer

IRON BRIDGE N.S.W. COCO HOP CHOCOLATE I.P.A. 6.2%. I couldn’t detect any aroma at all at the start.A bit sticky/cloying. Dark with a very small head . no carbonation to speak of, not a lot of body and I didn’t get much chocolate. I dont know anything about this brewery so will have to keep my eye on it.

AHASHA TRADEWIND LAGER 4.2% With my first taste of this beer I got an almost butter scotch taste. A very clear beer honey or golden colour. Being an Akasha beer I expect more hops but I was fine with the result. I got the last glass in the keg which was almost still with a very small collar. I thought it developed a bit of chocolate perhaps as it warmed up at the end.

TOOBORAC CHOCOLATE CHILI 6.2% A bit of chocolate but the chilli comes through. Not a lot of body Gets spicier as as the beer warms up a bit

AKASHA WOODEN LEG  10% Very hoppy. A bit much for me

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