Called in to the Station Bar again for a couple of short ones. Had to be count the beers very closely because it is public holiday weekend and I suppose double demerits on the road even though I haven’t heard it mentioned this time, maybe we just have to take it for granted now.

I started off with a new beer for me a PRICKLY MOSES CHARDONNAY IPA 6% The best of this beer is at the top of the glass, it seems to lose a bit of body and character as the level in the glass drops. It is a very easy beer to drink and definitely a session beer , I think. It starts off with a very floral hoppy aroma and hoppy bitters .    I didn’t find the Prickly Moses site on the internet a lot of help with facts about their beers

Went back to the TWO BIRDS WEST SIDE STORY SMOKED BEER 5.8%  which I have mentioned in earlier posts. I suppose this must be a seasonal or short run beer because it is not listed on their site with their four main brews

@PricklyMoses @TwoBirdsBrewing



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