Went to the Church Bar in Bathurst the other day for a couple.There is no doubt that this is a great spot for pause in your day for a beer. And I suppose the beers on tap suit the locals in a country town But from what I could see the beers in the fridge weren’t as exciting as I would have hoped for.Now it is true that I find it not always easy to read the labels on the bottles and some labels don’t make it easy to read at the best of times ,But from what I could make out there didn’t appear to be any  support for local breweries and there are a few around  •Badlands – Orange • Fish River  just outside Bathurst • Mudgee Brewing • Boranore Beer between Bathurst and Orange • ZigZag Beer – Lithgow and there is Central Ranges Brewing Co, but I dont know much about it.I can never understand why bars and pubs don’t make a bit of more of an effort to inform their customers of the choices of bottled beer available, after all they can write out menus and have whiteboards with cocktail choices so why not bottled beer.

The beers we had when we where there  :-

LORD NELSON OLD ADMIRAL 6.1% STRONG ENGLISH ALE : A dark ale with a brown head, A good nose especially when the temperature came up, Treakly and a touch bitter. Not a bad drink

AKASHA FRESHWATER PALE ALE 5.2% :American Pale Ale; Nice nose, not over hoppy and bitter

JAMES SQUIRE HOP THIEF 7 -5%: American Pale Ale, Good nose fruity hops not over hoppy.

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James Squire doesn’t seem to do twitter


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