Having to wait for a train at Penrith stopped off at the RED COW for a pre-trip beer and had a LAZY YAK which is a pretty mainstream beer and in this instance was far too cold to the point where I didn’t think it had much character at all. I wasn’t too impressed with the pub which seemed to be doing a good line in flies.  I also have to admit that I am also put off when I am asked  as I was by the barmaid ” how are WE, guys “and “what are We having ” which I dislike almost as much as  “What WAS your name”.  Then called in to the Gardeners at Blackheath for a Tooheys Old. Again Was not particularly stimulated by the pubs ambiance so moved along to the New Ivanhoe and had a a Kent Old Brown and then as then Ivy had a full range of beers from Lithgow’s ZIG ZAG Brewery,  had a stubbie of ZigZag Mountain Bitter 5.2%.

I tried to visit and got an error message saying access denied. How on earth do these places manage to survive, The “Ivy” doesn’t seem to have a web site to refuse me access to. The Red Cow does have a web site — none of them have a twitter account that I could see

@zigzagbrewery @LithgowSprings

IMG_0001 IMG_0002ZZ

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