I am having a bottle of HOEGAARDEN,WHIT, BELGIAN WHEAT 4.9% I haven’t had one of these for a long time, For no other reason than there always seemed to be something else to try. This came from Dan Murphy’s monthly member ship card special at $10,00 for a four pack .The Hoegaarden has  everything that you expect in a wheat beer, A big fruity aroma on opening it and poured with a fairly big head. it wasn’t as cloudy as I seem to recall , still with all the herbs and spices of a European wheat I might expect.

The other Dan Murphy’s $10.00 for a six pack special was GAGE ROADS BREWING NARROW NECK SESSION ALE  3.9%, Quite a nice beer though not a lot going on, I did think though, that it finished a bit dishwatery.

This is from the Crafty Pint site :- “Narrow Neck is one of the new additions to the Gage Roads range that appeared towards the end of 2014 and our pick of the brewery’s core range. The tag “Session Ale” is likely to make the one-two punch of piney and marmaladey US hops that hits you straight up come as quite the surprise. Similar hop flavours, leaning more towards the pine, follow alongside some welcome caramel malts.

“So where’s the session side of things?” you might ask. It comes in two ways: for a start, there’s the sub-four percent ABV; what’s more, while the aromas and flavours deliver upfront, they soon skedaddle off from whence they came, leaving a rather clean and unencumbered palate behind.”

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