BADLANDS BREWBACCA KOLSCH.4.5% A very nice beer with a fairly big fruity/floral/hoppy aroma and a first taste that takes you straight back to Cologne, the traditional home of the Kolsch. It is a very light coloured beer which poured with only a slight head and finishes with a slight bitter after taste which left me with a dry mouth.

Other than the fact that this is a limited release hand bottled beer and is also a collaboration. Badlands is not operating a computer site at the moment  and this beer didn’t jump out at me on their facebook site. This beer came from @CellarsandDeli

De Molen Hemel & Aarde 10%(Heaven & Earth) a Imperial Stout beer by Brouwerij de Molen, a brewery in Bodegraven. And incidental one of my favourites which I was fortunate enough to visit a few years ago.  My beer did not pour  with much head but does have a bit of fizz to it a big fruity pudding hit when opening the bottle, a bushfire smokiness and taste, while lots of treacle like flavour it is not sticky, doesn’t have a huge body it is not thin also has a bit of pepperiness, Even given the ABV at 10% this is an easy drinking beer.This beer came from @leuracellars

@Molennieuws   @BadlandsBrewery    @CellarsandDeli @leuracellars

P1010576 P1010574 P1010578 P1010579

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