I went to Flemish Flavours restaurant last night for a bit of a birthday dinner. This is a very nice place and the owners\staff are very friendly and helpful.  as this is a beer blog and not a food and wine review I will stick to the beer.
There where two beers on draught: The silly part about that is that the one I had isn’t listed and I forgot to make a note of what it was, though I think it was a Karmeliet. if I understand it the Leffe Blonde is on all the time with the second tap being a ” beer” though still a Belgian bee. Except for the text in italics all the beer notes come from the beer list r
Leffe Blonde On Tap
$11 (25cl) $15 (33cl) $18 (50cl)
Real Belgian Pils 5% This is my idea of a very nice Pils “
Made with Saaz hop and hallertau hop which gives the beer a unique gentle bitterness and a soft vanilla aftertaste.
Maredsous Blonde 6.0%
It’s the first beer ever brewed by the Maredsous abbey. A sparkling nose, complex flavours and a touch of bitterness gives this fine ale all the refreshing qualities of a classic Belgian blonde.
Rochefort 8 9.2%
 One of the 7 Trappist beers of Belgium. Deep red-brown in colour with a compact head, this beer tastes of coffee, chocolate and stone fruit and has a smooth spicy background.
Westmalle Tripel 9.5%
One of the 7 trappist beers of Belgium. Complex, with cloves and ginger in abundance and fruit-cake richness.
Magma Troubadour 9% “This was my favourite beer of the night , I thought it has a spicy zing to it the sour and saltiness of preserved lemons and a bit of a fizz”
 Full of fruity aromas and dry hops, the magma is amber in colour with a bitterness that compares with an American IPA.
Tripel Karmeliet 8.4%
 It’s a blond, robust, smooth and fruity grain top fermented beer with a honey after taste. Made with wheat, oat and barley, 100% natural.
Maredsous Brune 8.0%
 Mahogany in colour, this beer exudes mild smokey roasted grain notes with dark dried fruits. There is a hint of wood and a soft background sourness.
There where several other beers I would have liked to try if I had been up to it so I suppose Will just have to go back
 The rest of the beers on the list
Chimay Blue Cap 9.0%
 A classic Belgian Trappist beer. Founded in 1862 inside the Chimay abbey it boasts pleasant touches of roasted malt and hints of chocolate and coffee.
Chimay Red Cap 7.0%
This beer is noted for its coppery colour and has a fruity apricot aroma produced by the fermentation. It is refreshing with a light touch of bitterness.
Chimay Dorée 4.8%
Slightly hoppy and spicy, this beer was originally reserved for the monks and their guests at the Scourmont Abbey.
Delirium Tremens 8.0%
This beer pours a beautiful golden yellow and has a nice thick head. The pink elephants on the glass and on the bottle refer to the ‘’delirium” or “shaking frenzy”.
Duvel 8.5%
 Blonde and refreshing like a pilsner, but with the flavor, depth and complexity of an ale. Inside the glass you will find the engraved “D” which stimulates the beer’s famous whirlpool.
Duvel Triple Hop 2015 9.5%
 The 2015 hop is the exotic hop Mosiac and provides the Duvel with fresh notes of citrus fruits.
Kwak 8.0%
 The beer with the funny shaped glass is a deep bright amber colour with a dense creamy head. It has a mellow, fruity and malty aroma and a slightly spicy character.
Floris Kriek 3.6%
100% natural cherries with a spontaneous fermented Lambic. Its acidity is neutralized by its agreeably sweet and fruity bouquet.
Floris Apple 3.6%
Like the kriek, the “apple” is made by adding 100% natural apples to a spontaneous fermented Lambic beer.
Bourgogne de Flandre Brune 6.0%
 A selection of the best naturally fermented lambics is blended with a top brown ale. It had months of maturation in oak barrels, and the result is a full-flavoured brown ale topped with a creamy foam.
Bourgogne de Flandre Blond 6.0%
Brewed and blended in the world famous Timmermans brewery, the oldest lambic brewery in the world. This unequaled beer benefits from an ancient brewing technique known as ‘Lambic infusion’.
Titje White Beer 4.7%
 Made with malt, wheat yeast, coriander, orange zest and hallertau hops.
Hoegaarden 4.9%
Refreshing white beer with a thick creamy head. Double fermented and known as the original Belgian wheat beer.
La Chouffe 8%
 ‘Chouffe’ is an unfiltered blond beer which is re-fermented both in the bottle and in barrels. It is pleasantly fruity, spiced with coriander and tinged with hops.
Gulden Draak 10.5%
 A strong dark ale with a sweet coffee aroma. Named after the golden dragon on the belfry in Ghent.
 Antigoon 7%
 A clear golden beer with a lightly fruity aroma, this is a medium-sweet beer is well-balanced with a softly bitter aftertaste. It is known as a “double-blonde” because of its high fermentation.
 Bush 12%
 Very strong and full-bodied, this amber beer has been brewed since 1933 exclusively with water drawn from beneath the brewery. (Strongest Belgian beer available!)
Stella Artois 5%
 Crisp lager which is a thirst-quencher! One of the most well-known and exported Belgian beers in the world.
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