GARAGE PROJECTS DIRTY BOOTS AMERICAN IPA 6.6% A very big aroma hot on opening the can the expression hoppy resinous came up recently and I think it must apply very well to this me it had the suggestion of recently tanned leather or new shoes aroma to hoppy but not unpleasantly and the bitters while not greatly evident at the beginning came in pretty heavily after the beer was finished (“This came from  the breweries site; Hop into the mosh pit. Dirty Boot, grunge inspired All American Pale Ale. Brewed with Simcoe, Mosaic and Equinox, especially for Music 2 Brew 2, a hard core, hoppy celebration of the tunes that inspire the beer we brew.)

TO’OL JAEMES BRAUN IMPERIAL BROWN ALE  A Big Black 10.5% beer wit a lot of sediment Nice fruity aroma all the tastes expected with a Jaemes Braun from Denmark’s (“I couldn’t find anything about this beer on the To Ol site, this came from a random beer site on the internet To Ol is an American style imperial brown ale. Notes of chocolate and roast are complimented and contrasted by the bitterness and floral qualities of the hops”). A bitter finish but not an unpleasant one. I thought this was a good beer but I am not I would be able to drink to many of them in a siting. These beers came from the Leura cellars

    IMG_3814 P1010548P1010549IMG_3818

@Garage_Project @leuracellars@toolbeer

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