I am considering making a bit of a trip to Bendigo for a couple of days and while there possibly look in on a brewery or two. To see which breweries are in that area I looked on the “Crafty Pint” site and saw that there was both a list and a map of craft breweries in Australia. Coming from NSW I looked at that state first and found that there are at least eight breweries missing from both the map and the list. Fish River Valley Brewing; Borenore Brewhouse; Katoomba Brewing; Bucket Brewing Kempsey; Black Duck, Port Macquarie; Casey’s Beer, Lawson; Old Zig Zag Brewery, Lithgow and most surprisingly New England Brewery. It made me wonder if the map is only updated infrequently as some of those have been around for a couple of years. I know Katoomba has only been selling beer locally for about three months.

It could be I suppose that some or all of these breweries don’t want to be included, though that seems a bit odd to me

It was suggested to me that Crafty Pint only mentioned breweries that had submitted their names to it for inclusion in its lists. I thought about that and decided that that cant be correct. My understanding that Crafty Pint and others like it are “independent hunter gatherers” of beer related information who make it their undertaking to then spread the word. If I am wrong then does that make Crafty Pint a commercial organisation in it for the money promoting only those that approach them?

Fish River, Black Duck and Bucket don’t appear to be on twitter but are on facebook. I don’t know if Old Zig Zag share the same twitter as Lithgow Springs but they share the same address at what was the old Lithgow brewery.

I note that Beer and Brewer Magazine no longer include a map of breweries.

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  1. James says:


    James from The Crafty Pint here. Everything you should want to know is on our site if you look as we’re open about and happy with how we operate. For total transparency we put it front and centre in this article last year –

    In short, the aim is to tell as many stories informing people as to what is going on in the local craft beer world as possible. We never take money for stories and I pay contributors when they write for me. The directory section is for breweries, venues or bottleshops that want extra exposure to our large and engaged audience. If they want to be on, they ask, we visit to meet them, take photos and put their page together. I guess they’re like the most involved / detailed and evolving ad they could hope for. If a business doesn’t want to be listed in the directory, that’s fine. We’ll still write about them if they’ve got a story to tell and we’ve got time and someone to do it.

    The support of those that do take spots in the directory helps the site do what it does: informing and helping the local industry grow. We’re not part of a media company, have no major backers, refuse to take money from businesses that we don’t believe in or aren’t involved in the craft beer world in some way, and we’re establishing a model where income comes from the individuals and small businesses that we are helping, either by informing and entertaining them or by helping their business grow. Think of it like a self-perpetuating community.

    Re those you mention above, Fish River Valley, Katoomba, Bucket, Casey’s and Old Zig Zag have never made contact, we wrote about Borenore Brewhouse (and 1859 Central Ranges and Badlands) last week; Black Duck is keen to join up but I need to get myself or a writer to see Al first (he’s in the book I’ve just written), and New England has been featured in a travel article in the past and will have a listing on the site next week.

    Hope that helps. Over time, I’d like to think we’ll have every good brewery, venue and bottleshop on the site / map but it takes time to do it the way we do it as we won’t list someone without visiting and checking they’re what they claim to be. With more contributors and staff coming on board, we should be quicker at getting to those who want to be involved too. Of course, there will be some who don’t see value in what we do and others who aren’t necessarily up to the standard that we’d want to promote to our readers.


    • moreray01 says:

      G’day James.
      Thanks for the very fast response to my post, and for all the information included. Obviously there is much I don’t know about the inner workings of Crafty Pint.I see that you mention a brewery I wasn’t aware of, 18659 Central Ranges. Something for me to look into. I will try to keep in tune until the time when there is the bottleshop/venue/brewery list on your site. I am not surprised that there are many hurdles to be negotiated in producing your site and in trying to include everything .
      Perhaps there are to many like me putting there two bobs worth in on one or another or maybe even all of the available social media, every body with an opinion or impression of their own. Suits me though as I have a couple more posts in mind

      • James says:

        No worries, Ray. I saw the tweets so looked to see what the post was about. When I saw an element of casting doubt on the purity of my intentions I thought I’d put the cards on the table. I’m happy for anyone to know how we operate as I don’t think there are many media operations that can “open their books” in such a way without leading to more questions.

        As for people putting their thoughts out there and writing about beer, the more the merrier! Part of the reason I helped found and sponsor the AIBA Media Award is to encourage more people to cover the local beer world.


        • moreray01 says:

          I try not to be negative about things beer in my posts, James, if I don’t like something I usually leave out any onions altogether, and where possible I endeavour not to be critical of something I am not doing myself.
          While I like writing my blog it is often patently obvious that I am not a particularly gifted wordsmith, and so things don’t always read the way I thought I wrote them. As I said in my post it was my understanding that Crafty Pint is independent of external pressures and I am glad to hear that that is the case. For your sins I will include Crafty Pint in my future ramblings. I have just been introduced to instagram and in trying to come to grips with it I include just about everybody. ( I included Beyoncé in a post by mistake recently, Am very disappointed she didn’t respond) Cheers Ray

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