Stopped off at the Pioneer Tavern in Penrith for a quick middy before driving home. Had a Great Northern Lager 4.2% which is a Cairns brewery (“From the internet-In a move that Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) believes will capture growing demand for contemporary beers, the brewer has begun the national rollout of Great Northern Super Crisp.”)

Pit stop at the Station Bar Katoomba and had a middy of MODUS OPERANDI ZOO FEEDER  IPA 7.2%  then changed to a couple of middies of BADLANDS DARK  (I think it was the Malekula Dark) Porter 4.9% both of which have been mentioned in earlier posts.

Back home and finished by sharing a bottle of RED HILL BRIGHT; BRIGHT RED BELGIAN IPA 7%. Big IPA aroma on opening the bottle, not a big head on pouring, maybe a little sweet malts and while hoppy not over the top. A very nice beer. and MORRISON IRISH STOUT 7%. Black, not a big head, I didn’t find it particularly dry, I first said sweet and malty then I thought it became a little sour. May not make a lot of sense but that’s what I wrote so I will stick with it.

@RedHillBrewery   @MorrisonBrewery @MOBrewing @BadlandsBrewery P1010531P1010533   P1010534






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