I had a couple of MODUS OPERANDI ZOOFINDER IPA’S 7.2% at the STATION BAR KATOOMBA. IPA’s are not usually my choice as I find them somewhat over hopped, though this one is not too bad and anyway I was on a bit of a roll and was settled in.

VICTORY SUMMER ALE SUMMER LOVE 5.2%;; Big fruity aroma on opening the can poured with a nice head, tart the malts caramel’ey  come through   a bit dry with bitters. A nice beer, a repeatable sessions beer

BORENORE BELGIUM ABBEY ALE 4.2%; A sweet fruity aroma poured with practically no head . Tart and a bit sour. A suggestion of treacle or probably more likely dark honey, develops a dry’ish finish, not what I  would call bitter though   I think this is quite a complex beer.

DAINTON BASTARD BROTHER 8.0%.; Opening taste sweet with at a guess citrus and spice finishs with a lasting bitter taste. I am having a bit of a struggle wit the aroma so I am going to say it old hay with a sweet under.  Notes from  their brewery:- Stone fruit esters, bitter orange and magnificent fruity hops blend together with spicy rye, cumin and clove characteristics.

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