A SINGLE FIN SUMMER ALE 4.5% FROM GAGE ROADS A malty slightly sweet aroma with light to medium hop and a slight dry and bitter finish. A session-able easy going beer, Notes from their site :- “Big tropical fruit bowl aroma is balanced by subtle bitterness, and a clean finish”.

ALL BRETS ARE OFF 4.5% ENGLISH BITTER FROM SIREN CRAFT CREW. It says on the bottle this is an English Ale. My impression is that it was a beer with a bit of a twang to it. It poured very lively, with a big fluffy head. It was dry with the sour bite of Lemon or Grapefruit zest. It had medium level sourness and an aroma that I would say was something like new leather. ( I have been known to do a bit of leatherwork )  Other beer sites called it either a Sour/ wild ale or American wild ale, confusion. Before I read the label properly and started to look into the internet I would have said it was a Biere De Garde.  I didn’t find this beer listed in the brewery site.

LONG TRIP SAISON 6.6% FROM NOMAD. A nice tart though not particularly sour beer. It has a creamy mouth-feel  and left me with a fairly long lasting metallic taste of the hops The label clearly says this is a saison though I would say it is less saison – like then the “Brett”

All the beers came from Leura Cellars

CORRECTION; In the interests of accuracy  the Single Fin came from Dan Murphy’s 

@GageRoads    @SirenCraftBrew    @NomadsBrewing  @leuracellars @danmurphys


P1010515 P1010517 P1010521


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