They say redheads are fiery and bad tempered but these two are very civilised . The first was an IMPERIAL AMBER 7.5% From Mornington Brewery and BIG LOVE SURBURBAN RED 4,5% from Boatrocker Brewery. I think I had them in the wrong order because the Suburban Red was a lighter beer  which I thought had slightly sweet malts with not a lot of hops though finished a bit dry, a good sessionable beer. This beer did not get a mention on the Boatrocker web site so I can’t add their tasting notes. To me, not a lot of hops is not a bad thing.

The Imperial Amber was more red than amber I thought though my colour identification may be a little off. This beer I thought had a nice choc cream aroma  with some hoppy bitterness but I didn’t find that the hops unbalanced the malts with this beer. This was a nice tasty and very easy to drink beer. This brewery had more information on its web site  From the brewery site:-Presenting burnished copper in appearance, its aromas of caramel and fig jam are melded with subtle citrus hop character. The lashings of American hops used in this beer are balanced with rich toffee driven malt flavours, resulting in a luscious mouthfeel and a smooth lingering bitterness

Both beers came from the Leura Cellars

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P1010512 P1010513

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