I was walking past the Katoomba Brewery yesterday evening and saw that they where hosting an  “in brewery” event. When I enquired about it in the hope I could join in I was told it was a private function.

Very nice for the invited. Hard luck for beer drinking locals who might be interested in the brewery and its output.

Along with others I suppose, as a local living just a few kilometres away, I have taken an active interest in development of  the Katoomba Brewery since I heard that it was opening, calling into the bottle shop to keep up with the progress of construction, asking about a newsletter, asking if it was possible to be informed of how things where going, the beer styles planned, chatting about beer in general. So it is disappointing to have to say that the only way I found out that the brewery had commenced operations was to see a board in front of the Old City Bank bar stating the first batch was on tap and then subsequently the Pale Ale when it came on. As far as I know there has never been any outreach from the Katoomba Brewery to its potential stalwarts. [I would refer any interested reader to Young Henry,s Wayward Brewing and Six Strings, to mention just a few, who seem to be doing what is needed to develop a following] 

When discussing this subject, and I do quite often. I suggest that some establishment’s site on the internet might not  be a lot of use, and that it is not always easy and sometime nearly impossible to find out any information. I have repeatedly been told that, “well! we are on “facebook” or” instagram” or “snapchat” or any one of how many other social media sites. It seems to me that the inference is that I have access to every sight and slavishly seek any information available if I want it with no responsibility of the supplier to provide it. I don’t have access to half of them and am not all that efficient in  the use of some I do have access to.

I wonder where the drive for some places to be very active in social media comes from and not to others. There are some sites very informative, well designed and easy to use, some are even fun. When searching for information on a beer or brewery I find it so much easier jut to type one or  the other into google and wait for the results, and if that fails then I decide how much more (or how little) effort I am prepared to put in. In any case a well maintained internet site is by far more value than most if not all the alternatives.

In the field of supply and demand I would have thought that information was a component of supply. Without information how can anybody expect interest.

On the odd occasions when I write posts that some might consider confrontational I hum and haw over posting it, but I have to keep reminding myself that these are all my own opinions  and thoughts that are expressed in my blog

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