My three latest beers where “THE SESH” a golden session ale 4.1% from STOCKADE BREWERY in NSW. A nice easy beer to drink. I  don’t know anything about this brewery and apart from pictures of five beer labels, there was nothing else on the Stockade site. “The Sesh” being the only one I have seen so far.

The “RED ROOSTER” 7.% a Biere De Garde from RED HILL brewery of Victoria, while the Red Hill site has more information on it, the Rooster wasn’t mentioned so I suppose it is a seasonal beer for them. I am a fan of Biere de Garde’s and found this beer good and it was a shame I didn’t have a couple more.

ADNAMS “BROADSIDE Strong English Bitter 6.3% or at least it is according to the bottle, untapped has it at 4.7%, I will go by the bottle) (further reading  says 4.7% in the cask and 6.3% in the bottle) . It is always a good plan to have one of these on standby because it is very good beer. The first to came from Leura Cellars and the Adnams from Dan Murphy’s 

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IMG_3750  P1010508IMG_3782

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