I picked up four GOLDEN ROAD beers in cans from CARRINGTON CELLARS Katoomba; A Point The Way IPA 5.9%; Get Up Offa That Brown Ale.5% ;Hefe Weizen 4.6%: 329 Lager.4.8%

We have been enjoying some very hot weather and these four beers very nice easy to drink beers, The Hefe, a Bavarian style  the first one I tried had the banana you would expect and was very refreshing, the 329 was what I hope for in a lager, crisp and clean without the hop overload  or dry finish of a lot of them. The Brown would be my pick as it is one of my favourite beer types and this one had some nice balanced malts. The IPA while not one of my first choice beers. This one while did had a bigger hop profile than the others, it was not over te top and I thought quite well balanced with the malts. So all in all this was quite a good pick worth remembering and trying again if they become available.


GRB_Cans__0011_Hefe[1]   P1010500 P1010502 P1010503 P1010504 P1010505 P1010506


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