Made it to the Brewery here at Uralla after a fairly quick but hot ride from the mountains. I am staying overnight at the ” Top Pub” next door but more about that later. The first beer I have is the New England Golden Ale 4.2% a good one to start with to cool down, quite a solid golden , with, I thought,  touch of the wheat beer characters about it. Moving on to the New England Seasonal 5.2%, German Style Hefeweizen , bananas and cloves, nice and easy and relaxing beer, I get a hint of coconut aroma but that might be me talking myself into it , Pulled up at the pub at Walcha for a lemon squash on the way here , looked like a good pub and I was told that the rooms where good lock up for the bike and meals a cut above the norm, but I was on a mission to here so will keep in mind for the future. back to the Hefeweizen while a very nice hot weather beer I don’t think it would be called a challenge. Farmhouse Ale5.5%. This beer has a Stawberry Gum added, a tree native to the New England region, it is noticeable, both aroma and taste, it gives the beer a “cold tea”. Mouthfeel, dry, bitter and a tip of the tongue tingle, a nice beer with a bit of a challenge to it, some malty notes. Pale Ale 4.8%, this is a Pal Ale that suits me, not hopped to the hilt, some citrus and a bit of hoppy bitterness but a good repeatable beer. Fortunately got here early enough to chat with the brewery lads. Moving on to the Hop Cannon India Pale Ale 6.6% pours with a nice head, a very pretty beer, first impression, big hops aftertaste, while more hops   than I would go for, by no means the most aggressively hopped IPA I have had, this one has some noticeable malts (candy fudge? ) does leave a little of the galv nail taste  Left the Brown Ale 4.5% until last because, with the farmhouse, should be my favourite of thesis beers on tap. Slightly jammy, a bit of plum pudding aroma , easy drinking, maybe have another. I am going to have to post this because it is starting to bugger about, may not be able to attach photo,s. UPDATE :- Not the easiest place to get to for a casual drink unless you are in the neighbourhood but well worth the trip if you can make it.



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