Went to the HOUSE OF BREWS in Surfers Paradise yesterday for, of course, a brew, I didn’t get this places whole story so I don’t know if it is a one or one of chain or group but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. There are thirty two taps, twenty nine for beer. While there where some decent brews I don’t think it was the most challenging of lists. Being very hot I started with 4 Pines Kolsch, a hard to beat stand by for this climate, then a Black Hops, Beach House Aussie Saison 4.8%. An easy to drink entry level Saison. The saison comes from the Gold Cost brewery which is one I know nothing about. We then had a Redtail Amber from Beard and Brau 5.1% and a Hugh Dunn Imperial 7% both malty and a touch dry and I thought they where very similar beers. Then a Brunswick Bitter Thunder road  Sparkling Ale at 4.9% and a Byron Bay Premium Ale 4.6% . CollingwoodDraught Lager 4.5% which goes a bit thin towards the end. We finished with a Karma Citra an India Black ale 5.8% and a Nail Brewing Oatmeal Stout 6% described on their behind the bar sign as an epic and dank beer. I was able to chat with the barman on at the time who while ready enough to talk wasn’t provided with a lot of information about beers, probably something that goes with being provided with staff training. There where three or four boys on who seemed mostly interested in cocktail making which might be mostly what this place is about.The menu seemed ok but we where there between meals so just had a bucket of air filled pork crackling and a bucket of battered olives and gherkins (?). Lots of lovely leggy bar ladies and as far as I could gather, all the bar staff where Canadian. I will add the pictures when I get home because I am being Kodak challenged

UPDATE;- I cant find a twitter address or a Facebook page for them.



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