I am visiting my son at Burleigh Heads for a few days. Arrived mid afternoon after a long hot stage on the bike from Uralla. First on the agenda on arrival was a visit to the Burleigh Heads hotel a typical beach resort pub, a family day out type place though I expect it could get a bit wild on summer holiday Monkeys Fist, an AmericanPale Ale from Sail and Anchor which went down nicely after the hot ride but three middies and I was looking for something else. We went back to the flat via the local bottl,o and picked up a six pack of      John Boston Pale Ales which I found a lot more sessionable than the Monkeys Fist. Later we went out for dinner at a place Called Lester and Earl and I had a Port Road. Pilsner from Panhead Custom Ales which is an easy to drink beer and a Pale Ale from Newstead Brewing which I think as misnamed on the beer list so I am not sure which one it was. This place is a very popular place and it specialises in the American, ribs pulled pork hamburgers chilly type food, all. The rage apparently. While it seems to be something of a craft  beer bar and has about twelve taps, I suppose the beers where chosen to match the food style. I also would guess that they have a cocktail list that might be popular though I didn’t take particular notice. One think did strike me though in the couple of places so far visited is that though there a quite a few craft beer breweries around this part of the state, there doesn’t see to be as much of it available as I might have expected. I am having a struggle with the photo,s so this is the best you get at the moment. Another place with no twitter, internet site or email address that I can find though there is a face book site. It is easier to contact government office’s than it is to get in touch with some of this mob, I have no idea why, maybe for the same reason, they don’t want to risk negative feedback. I did enjoy the meal and the ambiance of the place, a shame I can’t let them know .


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