On the way to the Wayward brewery we looked in to the ALBERT HOTEL in Newtown as I hadn’t been there before. This pub, according to their site, is a good example of the Art Deco style which was a particular interest to me as I am a fan of Art Deco. I have to say that while there where as some elements of the style I was hoping for a bit more  but I just thought that it was pretty much just another pub. Nothing wrong with it but I didn’t  find it very exciting or particularly interesting, we had a JAMES SQUIRE PORTER AND A HOPTHIEF. After our session at the Wayward brewery we went to the Annandale Hotel for a meal another pub on my list to be visited. I think it is fair to say that the meal where very good. However  I wasn’t all that overwhelmed by this place either. I suppose there has been a lot of changes but I wasn’t all that impressed with the place when I was there.  Beers at Anandale where a KILLER SPROCKET AND A LITTLE CREATURES BRIGHT ALE.  Before catching a train home from Newtown we looked in to the BANK Hotel and because we had a wait between trains a Strathfield we ducked in to the STRATHFIELD Hotel for a quick middy  of “Old”



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