It has taken me a while but at last I got the chance to visit the WAYWARD BREWERY this week. We got there just about their opening time, which on Thursdays is 1600hrs. This place is an interesting  looking place, a bit like a cave or more aptly an old cellar, apparently it has a bit of a wine connected history. Quite a large seating area, I don’t know if food/meals are available but you do get a bowl of popcorn (salty, probably a ploy to induce a beer quenching thirst), There was six taps for WAYWARD beers and six guest taps  which gives a pretty decent selection. The WAYWARD BEERS where; SOUR PUSS 3.4%; While sour and tart this beer had a summer rose wine style character about it with the taste of sour cherries ;FUSAMI HOPPY LAGER 6.3%, A freshly tapped keg, a nice beer; CAMPERDOWN PALE ALE 4.6% Hoppy and a touch dry with the aroma you would expect of a pale ale has a slightly creamy mouth feel to it, very sessionable; CHARMER PALE ALE 5.2%, hoppy but not over the top, after a few sips malt start to come through, easy to drink; CHARMER “FAT” DOUBLE IPA 8%;  darker than the previous beer, a treacle’y beer with some  very odd malts. Very confusing beer and hard to pin down , I got a wet straw or hay and some leather notes, dusty, musty????, . By far the most interesting and challenging beer of the day. I enjoyed the challenge; BARLEY COWBOY HOPPED PORTER 6.1% Had a nice nose, very black, did not get thin or watery like some porters do, A good drink.

The six guest taps where BATCH RYE IPA 6.4% (no notes); NEW ENGLAND FARMHOUSE ALE 5.5 % light easy to drink beer fruity with, we are told, notes of the strawberry gum, a tree native to the N.E area, Certainly something can be picked but I have never heard of this tree so I would never have guessed that one: ILLAWARRA MO & CO IPA 6.3% very easy to drink ; NEWSTEAD BREWING THE ROBUST PORTER 24 feet 7 inch 5,2% sweet malty’er than the Cowboy, also did not get thin/watery; BRIDGE ROAD CHEVALIER SAISON  6% fairly typical with the lolly banana notes easy to drink. There was also a cider on tap.

We where able to a have decent old yarn with Jason behind the bar. Going to the Wayward is a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon and I can see myself going again, I would expect the taps are changed often enough to mean there should always be some variety to their beer list.

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