Walking past the OLD CITY BANK BAR at Katoomba saw a sign outside advertising the second of their beers GREAT WESTERN GOLDEN ALE 4.2% This is quite a nice beer with just a touch of bitter, nice malts a good arvo beer. It also appears that they have either found a name for their first beer or a name for the second batch, GEAT WHITE AMERICAN PALE ALE 5,2%

STAION BAR KATOOMBA. Nothing really new on here, TWO BIRDS TACO; BADLANDS DRAUGHTY KILT on the hand pump, YOUNG HENRYS NEWTOWNER. a d PORENORE PALE all had before and mentioned in earlier posts. I have posted a picture of an early list for some of the beers that should turn up at the STATION BAR during 2016  Whilst at the Carrington Cellers bougt a couple of beers, among them a tin of PISTON HEAD “FLAT TIRE” LAGER 4.5% By Brutal Brewing  from Sweden. A  light yellow with a biggish head, slightly sour a bit of a wheat beer taste  about it not, overly hopped. Mosaic hops are the hops used in this beer. @CellarsandDeli

IMG_0772 IMG_0776 IMG_0778

IMG_0777  P1010310 P1010311

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