We went to the HUSKISSON HOTEL  the other day after a bit of a swim at Moona Moona Creek with the young uns. This is a pub with a very nice outlook if you get the right spot, unfortunately it was raining on our visit but we sat at the table with view right up the coast and inlet.

On our way home the next day we stopped at the GEORGE IV HOTEL at Picton for lunch. This pub has changed a bit since last time I was here. The menu while still being pretty good is a mile shorter than I remember and the Scharers beer is no longer on. At first I thought there was only the one bar and that there was only mainstream beers on tap an so had a JAMES SQUIRE ONE FIFTY LASHES, I asked the bar lady about craft beers and she pointed out that there was another bar that ad a couple of taps with STONEQUARRY BREWING COMPANY on tap which is a new one on me. As I was driving with the kids I wasn’t able to try them other than sharing a small taste. They had a LAGER and  a BOCK  on tap but where not able to provide any information about them.

Finished the with a visit to a relatively new Japanese restaurant in Katoomba called ZEN SAI for a bit of a family birthday do and so I had a Sapporo to go with the meal.

I couldn’t find a twitter address  for any of these places.



P1010281 P1010282 P1010283 P1010284




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