I watched/listened to the last third of the countdown of the    yesterday and while not wanting to rubbish any of the winners, this is my blog so feel happy in saying that, in my view, the list is a bit disappointing. I would have liked to see more of an inclusion of saisons/farmhouse ales perhaps a few sours. I also tried to listen to the Brew News pod cast but where I live it was just to disjointed to make much sense.

Apart from a couple of beers mentioned earlier and on beer I am not prepared o admit I had ( other than to say it was a $10 six-pack deals at Coles). I had a MOUNTAIN GOAT CROSS BREED SEVEN SEEDS “SEEDY GOAT COFFEE PORTER” 6.2% I have to say you have to work pretty hard to get everything out of the very busy label. The coffee in this beer was easy to pick out, also some chocolate and a little peppery orange . It poured black with a biggish brown sudsy head. A nice beer which  went down pretty easily, I found it a bit on the thin or watery side and a tad sticky. The next beer was a URTHEL SAISONNIERE 6% from Flanders which poured a bit cloudy with a fluffy head and was a orange or dark honey colour and it had a taste of strong honey and was tar and dry. Maybe should have had a couple more of these. Finished off with a RIDERS LOOSE TRUCKS PORTER 5.5% which had a big nose but I thought it was a bit thin and the taste didn’t quite match up to the aroma but was still a fair beer.

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P1010294 P1010300

P1010307 P1010309




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