Continuing on from the last two posts #RUM AND RAMEN and #KING STREETWHARF/BARS. From the Pyrmeont Bridge hotel we went up the street to the QUARRYMAN  @QuarrymansHotel The beers we had at this pub where ARTIC FOX “YOUNG CUB”  Wheat 4.9% not the biggest wheat beer; MASH BREWING COPY CAT 6.2% Hoppy ,smells like a crunchy bar’; ARTIC FOX AMERICAN HONEY BROWN 6% Very dark honey to the point of molasses, burnt caramel, with a smoky aroma; AKASHA KORBEN D IIPA 8.5% Floral, hoppy. It was very quiet at this pub, it seemed to me minimalist. a bit like a church. Then to the Dunkirk for dinner and a Tooheys Old. This pub is a bit of arabbit warren with small rooms every where though still a nice pub

RIDERS BREWING : EASY RIDER GOLDEN ALE 4.6% Slightly cloudy pale yellow with quite a frothy head, fruity flowery nose and a summer fruit taste not a lot of  hops and no bitters to speak of and very slight dry mouth feel. I found this a very easy to drink beer , I think it would have been great yesterday in the heat, though still ok in the coolness of today. This golden doesn’t have the sticky honey claggy taste that a lot of gulden’s do. As far as I can tell this is a home brew/garage brewer up-scaled to commercial brewing located in Victoria there is a facebook page but I couldn’t find a internet or  twitter site. I also have the two other Riders beers. As an afterthought, the hops become more noticeable at the end of the glass.   email beer@ridersbrewing.com.au.

LA SIRENE; “FLEUR FOLIE” SAISON 6% Mine poured with a big frothy head and a big floral nose, I thought that this beer had a citrus taste with a yeasty base and something of a tart or sour taste. This is the last of my collection of La Sirene beers for the moment but I doubt it will be last time I try the beers from this factory. I would like to hope that I could visit the brewery some time this year. (This is what they say about the beer ” Fleur Folie (literally meaning blossom madness) is styled along a classic Saison Miel and on opening a bottle overwhelms you with fresh aromas of Wild Honey Flowers, pepper and spice. This beer is deep gold in colour with an orange hue and has a soft malt backbone, layered complexity and sweet malt tones which are rounded off with a dry prickly finish. The classic Belgian yeast imparts a kiss of tartness and orange blossom tones including a textured mid-palate with a lingering hop earthiness and lively effervescence to finish.” )  @lasirenebrewing    





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