Continuing on from my last post #RUM AND RAMEN, I am not to sure where to insert #’s but you see them everywhere so I thought I would bung them in as well  After the ramen lunch we walked along the harbour to the KING STREET BREWHOUSE

Missed the lunchtime crowd if there was one and so it was pretty quite Between us we had a Saison 5.1% ; A Perfect Storm 4.8% Fish River Gold 5% In the absence of the Old Brown Duck English Brown Ale; a Golden Ale Woodduck Pale Cream Ale 4.8%.The one I had while being almost flat had a creamy white head; just slightly hopped.  All the beers are very drinkable particularly in this setting on a nice summers afternoon. The Saison I thought was typical of the style, kind of entry level, not challenging. My pick being even between the Saison and the Cream Ale.

From there we went to the newly opened BEER DELUXE just a few metres further along the wharf. It was very quite while we where there maybe because people haven’t learnt it is there yet. This place is still being set up, the upstairs bar was not opened and they still hadn’t got the prices worked out for some of the glass sizes. When I am going on a beer discovery trip I stick to middies , not always the best deal against the schooner price but I can get more out of the day. Beer DeLuxe didn’t have middy prices for some of the beers I chose. Beer Deluxe has the same sort of outlook as the Brewhouse and I don’t suppose there would be much difference in the food menus but I didn’t pay much attention to comparison. The beers we had where; Willy The Boatman ,The Bulger Summer Ale 6% (English Bitter); Wayward Brewing Fusami Victory  India Pale Ale 6%  ; Ekims Berserker 7.2% ;  Modus Operandi Paper In The Rye Saison 6.2%; Panhead Oatmeal Stout; Wayward Charmer. With the American Pale Ale 7.2% With the exception of the Pepper in The Rye and the  Fusami none of the beers where new to me and are mentioned previous posts. My picks here would be the Saison and the Bulger. I didn’t find the Beer Deluxe site all that informative, they seem to use Instagram but I don’t, at least as yet

@BeerDeLuxe  @KingStBrewhouse


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